Every business needs a website, and every business that sells products from their website should be involved in digital marketing. At Virtual Marketing, we are specialists in the digital world, and planning and implementing your marketing needs is what our digital marketing company in Roanoke, VA is all about.

Unfortunately, many website owners fail to understand that online marketing, or digital marketing, is a completely different animal than standard media marketing. You have to be specific about your target audience, where to strategically place your advertising, and how to get the best return on your investment.

SMM and Internet Marketing

SMM or Social Media marketing is a highly effective tool for many small businesses, local businesses, and startup companies. It is a low cost option, but it is not an intuitive marketing strategy to implement without experience.

At Virtual Marketing, we can coordinate your SMM with your current website to create a more robust and comprehensive online marketing program. The social media component allows for dynamic, highly interactive experiences for your target audience, your customers, while your website is actually there to do the selling.

Pay Per Click or PPC marketing is a highly effective way to target specific types of searches and to drive traffic to your website. Contrary to what you may have heard this can also be very price effective as you have control over what you want to budget.

In addition, we can also work with you on content marketing. This includes providing relevant, informative, and engaging information in everything from your social media posts to your website, your blog, and even to your email newsletters.

Client’s Reporting

For our digital marketing company, we believe that reporting back to you, as our client, is essential. We build in analytics and reports that can be delivered to you on a schedule that works for your needs.

By having the ability to track everything from keyword use to time spent on your website, pages visited, how people got to the site and even if they opened your online email newsletter you can make informed decisions about a current or future campaign.

Monitoring your Digital Reputation

A very important service our digital marketing company offers to our clients in Roanoke, VA is the option to provide reputation monitoring for your business. This is really how your company is being perceived by the public and reflected in posts and information online.

This includes everything from helping you to develop a positive online profile to creating the opportunity for customers to post positive feedback after visiting your site, buying your products, or using your service. Not only does a positive reputation build consumer trust and confidence but it also makes your company, and your brand, a positive force in the digital world.