From the time VM Connectors opened its virtual doors for business, we have seen a number of companies that offer SEO and inbound marketing services pop up all over Salem. While some have stood the test of time, we have unfortunately also witnessed more than one SEO company in Salem, VA sink because it did not offer the superior service that its clients deserved. To save you the headache of having to find another SEO company after the one you hire is lacking, these are the signs of an inferior SEO agency that you should be on high alert for.

They Extend “Too Good To Be True” Guarantees

One of the biggest mistakes our clients have made in the past is that they bought into the many promises that the SEO company gave them. Inferior companies will make claims such as:

  • Your website will rise through the rankings overnight
  • Your website will be the top rank in Google within X amount of time
  • You will receive “X” amount more visitors to your website this month

The fact of the matter is that no one can guarantee you a top spot on Google – not even Google. With changes occurring online every single second, it is impossible to promise that even the largest and most successful website in your industry will continually claim the highest ranking.

Rather give our clients “too good to be true” promises, we discuss certain key items which will help us bring your online marketing strategy up to where it needs to be, so that you can achieve your business goals. Some of these questions will be based on:

  • Understanding your economics and how quickly you will see your return on investment
  • Understanding your business goals
  • Your expectations from us

They Use Foreign Jargon without Explanation

Nothing is more annoying than sitting through a consultation where the language being used is impossible for the average person to understand. When we talk SEO with our clients, we use plain and simple words so that you understand what we are doing and can make tweaks and changes as you see fit. After all, this is your website – not ours!

They Are Secretive About their Plans

One of the first things we do at VM Connectors when we meet with our clients is to map out an online marketing strategy, which may be as in depth as detailing what we will do to improve certain areas by the day. Our SEO company strongly feels that it is your business to know what our business is doing to help yours grow online and out in the real world.

We schedule regular meetings with our clients to discuss their online marketing strategies and make changes based on empirical data. If the company you are considering hiring is not willing to map out their strategy with you and discuss why they think taking a particular direction is better than the next, steer clear.