Perhaps one of the most commonly heard buzzwords on any small business blog, entrepreneur site or in any business article is the term “branding.” For many business owners, branding is not a priority and may, in fact, been a sort of an afterthought when compared to marketing a product.

However, this is backwards thinking. It is essential for a company to be thinking about branding right from the first design drafts of their product, service, or ecommerce site. At Virtual Marketing, as a top graphic design company in Roanoke, VA, we can help design your logo and get your branding program off the ground.

The First Steps in Logo Design

You may be surprised to realize that as a graphic design company we can help you to brand across all your media from your websites to your packaging as well as your company logo and colors.

While designing a logo is partially creative, and requires the ability to think outside the box, there is also a lot of science and consumer awareness that goes on behind the design. It isn’t an accident that Nike has the swoosh and McDonalds has the golden arches, or even that FedEx has the hidden arrow between the E and the X.

These are all carefully selected, with the logo representing the message of the company. Since this will be used on the website, on the packaging, and on all marketing, having use involved as early as possible in the design process allows the best possible way to capture that message in an iconic company brand.

Important Considerations in Business Logo Design

As part of our graphic design company services, we will also ensure the logo we design for your business is original and unique. We can assist you in choosing the best colors for your logo. Keep in mind that as something as simple chosing a pastel blue or a royal sapphire blue can make a logo pop out or wash out.

Other important considerations, particularly for a business logo design with the company name, is the font. The font needs to be classic and easy to read without being trendy, so it doesn’t become dated over time.

There is a lot to consider when designing a business logo. With our graphic design company you will be part of the creative process, and your ideas and input will help to create a business logo that will be ready when you get ready to launch your product or website and start your first marketing campaign.