When it comes to SEO or search engine optimization, it really is a constantly evolving landscape. What the Google algorithms were looking for a few years ago are now out the window, and there is an even greater emphasis on local SEO services in moving up through the search engine rankings.

The good news for local businesses in Roanoke, VA, is that we have this all covered for you. Our SEO specialists constantly monitor the most effective strategies to ethically, correctly, and effectively get your website noticed both immediately as well as into the future.

To get started, let’s take a closer look at the various SEO services we can provide for a business of any size. When we meet with you and discuss your specific needs, we can then highlight specific parts of our services that will be most effective based on your desired goals and outcomes.

SEO Audit Report

To get started, we will do a full SEO audit report on your current online presence. This is important for you to see why your current Local SEO Services are not performing to your expectations.

This will also allow us to develop a plan for improvement to your site. We will discuss this with you and get started on researching keywords, understanding your target audience, and effectively implementing our strategy on your site.

SEO for Small Business

We are experts in small business SEO. With our knowledge and experience in working with companies to build their online presence and boost their SERP (search engine page result) we have the expertise to strategically make the changes that will drive traffic to your site and also help to boost conversion rates once people arrive.

Monthly and Weekly Reporting

Depending on how much business you do retail or through other sales in Roanoke, VA and how much you do online, we can provide monthly or weekly reports to help you to see how our SEO strategy is working.
These analytics can provide invaluable insight into your target audience and its behavior, when and what brings them to your site, and what keeps them on your site once they find you.

Affordable SEO Pricing

We understand the companies we work with in providing local SEO services are often startups and smaller businesses that may not have huge budgets for website development and marketing.

At Virtual Marketing, we will work with you to create a strategy that matches your budget and allows you to continue to grow your ecommerce business and website. You will be surprised at how effective SEO is at boosting traffic and increasing your online sales and it is a strategy that will continue to show improvements over time.